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Tortilla with grilled chicken breast |1, 7|

lettuce, chicken breast, tomatoes, red onion, parmesan, herb dressing

95 Kč

Tortilla with roasted bacon |1, 7|

lettuce, bacon, roasted bell pepper, gorgonzola, black pepper sause

99 Kč

Tortilla Crudo |1, 7|

lettuce, prosciutto crudo, dried tomatoes, mozzarella, arugula, parmesan, balsamico reduction

99 Kč

Tortilla Quattro Formaggi |1, 7|

lettuce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan, provolone, tomatoes, herb dressing

95 Kč

Tortilla Capra |1, 7, 8|

lettuce, goat cheese, dried tomatoes, arugola, roasted bell pepper, walnuts in honey, balsamico reduction

99 Kč

Tortilla Manzo |1, 7|

letucce, beef tenderloin, tomato, red onion, arugola, black pepper sause

109 Kč

Tortilla 269 |1, 8|

lettuce, vegan cheese, tomatoes, red onion, dried tomatoes, arugula, pine nuts, roasted bell pepper, balsamico reduction

105 Kč